DXP Catalyst Consulting

MarTech Gap Analysis

Unlocking Insights into your Digital Terrain

Our ‘MarTech Gap Analysis’ service is your compass in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We delve deep into your existing tech ecosystem, evaluating strengths, weaknesses, and untapped potentials.


  • Conduct Tech/IT workshops across your organization and compile a list of challenges/gaps in architecture/infrastructure.  
  • Document current state solution architecture.  

Value Prop

  • Holistic Insights – gain a comprehensive understanding of your digital footprint, uncovering areas for enhancement.
  • Strategic Alignment – align your current technology stack with your business objectives for a more targeted approach.
  • Actionable Recommendations – receive actionable recommendations for optimizing your digital infrastructure.
  • Determine your GenAI Readiness – our assessment not only uncovers gaps but also evaluates your organization’s readiness to harness the power of GenAI, paving the way for a digitally intelligent future.

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