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Our Approach

Embark on a comprehensive journey with our client-centric approach at DXP Catalyst Consulting. From a complimentary consultation to the optional retainer agreement, we ensure a seamless and collaborative experience, blending face-to-face interactions and virtual collaborations to commit to your digital success. Explore the key steps in our approach below.

1. Complimentary Consultation
  • Engage in a free 30-45 min consultation to explore your digital aspirations and current standing.
  • Identify collaboration opportunities.
2. Project Scoping and Proposal
  • Mutual identification of the path forward leads to scoping the project.
  • Receive a comprehensive proposal covering scope, timeline, pricing, and other considerations.
3. Proposal Review and Contract Issuance
  • Review the proposal to ensure alignment.
  • Issuance of a contract, seamlessly integrating considerations for a Master Services Agreement (MSA) and NDA.
4. Project Kickoff Meeting
  • Initiate the project with a kickoff meeting introducing key stakeholders, reviewing project objectives, and discussing success criteria.
5. Progress Meetings and Deliverable Reviews
  • Conduct regular meetings to review project progress and assess deliverables, ensuring continuous alignment with objectives.
  • Receive bi-weekly status reports.
  • Our approach to Digital Blueprint Design can be quite collaborative.
6. Executive Readout
  • At the conclusion of a project, engage in an executive readout session to provide a comprehensive overview of the project including strategies, recommendations, and an actionable plan.
7. Optional Retainer Agreement
  • Clients often find value in setting up a retainer agreement for ongoing support at the conclusion of a project.
  • This is particularly beneficial during technology vendor negotiations and partner (or in-house) engagements for implementation, ensuring adherence to the recommended solution architecture.
We like to meet face-to-face for bigger meetings like the Project Kickoff and Executive Readout, but have adapted to virtual collaboration via platforms like Microsoft Teams or others per your preference.
For detailed insight into project scoping, refer to our Services Approach.  Our approach is not just a process, it’s a commitment to your digital success.
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