DXP Catalyst Consulting

Digital Platforms Requirements Gathering

Shaping Visions through Collaborative Workshops

Embark on a journey of ideation and strategy with our Digital Platforms Requirements Gathering service. We bring together key stakeholders, fostering collaboration to define your business objectives, CX goals, and digital transformation aspirations.


  • In-depth stakeholder workshops – conduct workshops with business stakeholders from across the organization to uncover insights into business objectives, customer experiences, and digital goals.
  • CX goal definition – identify pain points and opportunities to enhance customer interactions.
  • Documentation and validation – document gathered requirements and validate with stakeholders to confirm alignment with organizational goals.

Value Prop

  • Collaborative Ideation – harness the collective expertise of your team in shaping a shared vision for the future.
  • Strategic Clarity – define clear business objectives and CX goals through structured and collaborative workshops.

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