DXP Catalyst Consulting

Digital Platform Assessment & Recommendation

Navigating Digital Possibilities with Platform Assessments

Our Platform Assessment service goes beyond the surface, evaluating digital experience platforms (and leading independent platforms) across capability areas crucial for your success.


We have a flexible and scalable approach when it comes to platform assessments.  The following is what an approach we’d follow in more complex assessments across multiple capability areas in a large organization.

  • Initial assessment and vendor shortlisting
  • Digital business scenario development
  • RFI/RFP package development and issuance
  • Coordinate with vendors who prepare platform demos based on digital business scenarios and requirements/aspirations
  • Tailoring evaluation framework for your business
  • Vendor analysis and recommendation

Value Prop

  • Comprehensive evaluation – assess platforms based on diverse capability areas to ensure a holistic understanding.
  • Objective recommendations – receive unbiased recommendations tailored to your unique business needs.
  • Strategic decision support – make informed decisions on platform selection aligned with your digital aspirations.

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